In  November 2015 a team of parishioners of the Catholic Church of the Divine Mercy (“CCDM”), led by a group of members of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Divine Mercy Seat, conducted the 2013 Annual CCDM Parish Harvest Thanksgiving and Bazaar. This marked the birth of what is now widely known as… UNUSUAL PRAISE!!!

Spurred by the passionate and UNUSUAL elevation of praise and worship by the CCDM parishioners during the 2013 Harvest Thanksgiving, this group of parishioners was inspired and moved by the spirit of thanksgiving to continuously lead the entire people of God to an UNUSUAL PRAISE, worship and prayer as one united family in God.

Over the years, UNUSUAL PRAISE has recorded tremendous progress and growth in geometric proportions. Today, an event that originated from a unit of one society in the Catholic Church of the Divine Mercy has expanded from participation by members of the CCDM parish and has now spread across the entire Archdiocese of Lagos.

Apart from featuring popular Nigerian gospel artistes, UNUSUAL PRAISE also discovers and develops budding and mature musical talents within the CCDM. In accordance with its original aspiration of continuously leading the entire people of God in elevated praise, worship and prayer, in 2016, UNUSUAL PRAISE will for the first time ever, be hosting and featuring renowned international gospel artists as well. It promises to be a refreshing, inspiring, rejuvenating time in the presence of the Almighty.